The potential disruptive and transformational effect of the Internet of Things means that it will inevitably have impact across sectors. The work of the PETRAS Cybersecurity of the Internet of Things Research Hub is therefore aligned along five research themes, listed here, that by their nature will transect across several sectors and application areas. Each theme is directed by two research leaders, providing both technical and social expertise.

As the Internet of Things develop, systems must be designed that are socially and culturally acceptable. However simply evaluating how particular technology attributes affect an individual’s perception of the technology does not allow developers and users to consider the context of the future world. In assessing how a technology may be received we must consider both current real world settings as well as future IoT worlds that contain potential differing legal, contractual, corporate and governmental frameworks.

Theme Leads

Social Lead:
Prof Paul Coulton (Lancaster University)

Technical Lead:
Prof Rob Procter (University of Warwick)

Projects associated with this theme