PETRAS Streams Report

Paul Coulton

 PETRAS has addressed knowledge needs under five, policy-related headings which we have referred to throughout the project as ‘Streams’. These are: Privacy and Trust , Adoption and Acceptability , Safety and Security , Standards, Governance and Policy , and Harnessing Economic Value. This report presents some of the major findings of realted to these topics

How Research is Preparing us for Drones of the Future

IEEE’s Pervasive is a journal specialising in the Internet of Things. Appearing in Pervasive, Design Fiction: Anticipating Adoption is an article by PETRAS researchers Professor Paul Coulton and Joseph Lindley. In the article they explore the “controversial, sometimes amusing, and often innovative applications” of drones. As part of the PETRAS Adoption and Acceptability theme and conducted at Lancaster University’s design-led research lab Imagination, the research uses a technique for helping …