Dr Irina Brass presenting with a microphone.

UCL researcher leading the way in standards development

Recently PETRAS researcher Dr Irina Brass has been appointed Chair of the British Standards Institution’s IoT/1 Technical Committee.

The British Standards Institution is the UK’s National Standards Body leading the development of UK standards, as well as representing UK economic and social interests across all European and international standards organizations. The IoT/1 committee is responsible for guiding standards development for  IoT architectures and platforms, as well as in key areas concerning IoT interoperability, security, trustworthiness and resilience.

Dr Irina Brass, Lecturer in Regulation and Public Administration at UCL, joined the PETRAS hub in September 2016 as a researcher within the Standards, Governance and Policy Research Theme.

Commenting on the appointment Dr Brass said: “I am incredibly thankful to PETRAS for their recommendation and support. This is an achievement of the entire hub, rather than solely a personal achievement! I am, indeed, very honoured to represent PETRAS in this role.”