PETRAS Contacts


PI and Director of PETRAS

Jeremy Watson CBE

Professor of Engineering Systems, UCL 

Jeremy Watson is Professor of Engineering Systems and Vice-Dean of Engineering Sciences at UCL, Chief Scientist and Engineer at BRE and President of the Institution of Engineering and technology (IET).

Deputy Director of PETRAS

Emil Lupu

Professor of Computer Systems, Imperial College London

PETRAS Co-Investigators

UCL – Prof Jeremy Watson (, Dr Madeline Carr ( and Prof Stephen Hailes ( 

Imperial College London –Prof Emil Lupu ( and Dr Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye (

University of Oxford Prof David de Roure ( and Dr Max Van Kleek (

Lancaster University –Prof Nigel Davies ( and Prof Rachel Cooper ( 

University of Warwick – Prof Tim Watson ( and Prof Carsten Maple ( 

University of Southampton –Prof Dame Wendy Hall ( and Dr Kieron O’Hara (

Newcastle University –Prof Lilian Edwards ( and Dr Charles Morisset ( 

Horizon Digital Economy Research, Nottingham University –Prof Derek McCauley (

University of Bristol –Prof Awais Rashid ( 

Cardiff University –Prof Pete Burnap ( and Dr Charith Perera (

University of Edinburgh –Dr Ewa Luger ( and Prof Chris Speed ( 

University of Surrey –Dr Haitham Cruickshank ( and Prof Klaus Moessner (

Professional Services Team

Head of PETRAS

Eleri Jones


Research Programme Manager

Halil Uzuner

Imperial College London or 0207 594 0982

Operations Manager

Ruth Dollard


Communications Lead

Sarah Hardy


Assistant Programme Manager

Sam King

UCL or 0203 108 9419

Claire Coulton

Lancaster University or 01524 510818