PETRAS @ Internet Governance Forum 2017

Dr Madeline Carr and Dr Leonie Tanczer from PETRAS Standards, Governance and Policy (SGP) research team attended this year’s Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Geneva.

The IGF is a global multi-stakeholder forum that promotes discussions and dialogue about public policy issues related to the Internet. It was convened in 2006 by the United Nations Secretary-General and is a platform that facilitates a common understanding as to how Internet opportunities can be maximised and risks and challenges may be addressed.

At this year’s 12th annual IGF meeting, Carr and Tanczer presented their PETRAS research on the international cooperation mechanisms of Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRTs). In the session “International Cooperation between CERTs: Technical Diplomacy for Cybersecurity”, the two researchers highlighted the increasing role and importance such technical communities have for transnational cybersecurity collaboration efforts, especially in the emerging IoT ecosystem.

Carr and Tanczer also used the opportunity to connect with the international Internet Governance community and heard about the latest IoT research and policy developments in other parts of the world.