New Research Associate at Lancaster’s Imagination Department

Specifically attached to the Adoption and Acceptability theme of PETRAS our new research associate Joe Lindley has recently started working at Imagination (Lancaster University’s design led research centre). As the project develops Joe will produce work on the House Training the Internet of Things project by applying methods stemming from his PhD research into design fiction.

Keynote speech on IoT and PETRAS at Oxford’s ICTF Conference 2016

Prof. David de Roure of Oxford gave the opening keynote on IoT and PETRAS at this year’s Oxford Information and Communications Technology Forum (ICTF) Conference (website), which is the annual conference of Oxford’s IT Staff, to an audience of 450 on June 24th 2016. The talk emphasized the importance of IoT within large organisations, also highlighted aspects of support and …

Smart Campus work wins best presentation at ACM MobiSys PhD Forum

A PhD student at Lancaster University won a $1,000 prize for best presentation at the recent ACM MobiSys doctoral consortium. The work is part of the PETRAS Displays and Sensors on Smart Campuses initiative with a particular focus on ways in which analytics data on user interactions with IoT devices can be collected without compromising user privacy.The approach provides a …

The 1st PETRAS Operations Group Meeting

The 1st PETRAS Operations Group Meeting was held in London on 31st May 2016 and brought together eight academic Hub partners from University College London, Imperial College London, Lancaster University, University of Oxford, University of Warwick, University of Edinburgh, University of Southampton, and University of Surrey. The participants discussed a wide range of Hub related matters and some of the …

Big data, clouds and the Internet of Health Things

PETRAS member Professor Awais Rashid of Security Lancaster (Lancaster University) will be giving a talk at the Royal Society of Medicine (Telemedicine and eHealth section) conference on Big data, clouds and the Internet of Health Things on Thursday 2nd June. The talk is on Security and Safety of Internet of Things in Digital Health. You can follow the event on …

PETRAS User and Research Workshop

On the 12 May 2016 at the IET in Savoy Place London PETRAS held a workshop to introduce both the project and its overall aims and the the specific projects which will address the themes within IoT. The audio recording above relates to the projects described in the User and Research Workshop Agenda.

Global Internet of Things Day

April 9th is the 5th Annual Global Internet of Things Day. This is a worldwide event bringing together makers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and citizens to discuss, design and develop the emerging Internet of Things

EPSRC announce IoT Hub

Ed Vaizey, Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, has today confirmed a new interdisciplinary Research Hub to drive forward UK research in the Internet of Things (IoT). EPSRC Press Release.